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X3D Graphic Library

The X3D graphic library is a set of high level graphic primitives: display functions of axes, legends, curves, columns, etc. X3D is integrated in all graphic modules. It allows the user to modify interactively the aspect of the graphic outputs and to save the presentation in style files for future use. These style files are independent from the data.

Main features
  • Presentation of data in various formats: polylines, points, histograms, texts, etc.
  • Modification of axes: linear, logarithmic, limits, grids, tick marks, labels, etc.
  • Modification of graphs: dimensions, colors, data to present
  • Addition of objects
  • Printing of reports in batch mode - on paper or PDF format
  • Printing in DXF format for AutoCAD

  • Types of queries
  • Simple query with the desired value in one or several fields - search characters available
  • Simple query on numerical data or dates
  • With Google Map - showing all sites and borings from the database
  • By a polygonal or rectangular limit - based on a domain
  • By groups of records - saved according to desired parameters

  • Support
  • Brochure
  • Documentation
  • List of markers
  • List of patterns

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