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Geotec is unique - it includes an integrated database, a user-friendly graphic interface and different ways to present the data. Geotec provides accurate results in record time - saving you time, money and energy. Read some of the feedback from our satisfied clients.

"Sobek Technologies offers impeccable customer service. The employees strive to find the best solution to the problems that arise during a project. The Geotec software system offers the users the possibility to enter a large amount of information. In addition, all the types of laboratory analyses are well illustrated with graphics as well as the dynamic penetration test, the groundwater level, the piezometer and the vane test. The style files are adapted to each client and we have the possibility to create one to our image. The final product of the logs is very representative of the reality and the employees at Sobek Technologies are always ready to improve the program in collaboration with their customers."
Sébastien Veillette
Survey technician / Drafting technician

"What I appreciate the most about Geotec is the great versatility of the application. Being able to keep our geotechnical, geological and environmental data in a single database is a net advantage for us.
What I appreciate the most about Sobek is the service. The very high level of knowledge, the courtesy and the timeliness of the responses to our questions or requests allow us to accomplish our projects even more efficiently."
Benoît Thibaudeau, senior technician
Supervisor - Drafting team

"Geotec simplifies the tasks of data management and data output. In our field, we have to manage a mass of data about borings. With Geotec, once the data are entered in the database, we can use them as we please and produce outputs that appeal to the project managers. When we have a problem or a question, the support of Sobek Technologies is impeccable and very fast. Sobek always finds a solution if we encounter a problem."
Audrey Boucher
Drafting technician and Manager of applications
Environment & Geoscience

"Geotec is a very powerful software that easily adapts to our different needs and to the various requirements of our clients. The customer service is outstanding and highly personalized."
Dominic Tremblay, Eng., M.A.Sc.
Director of Special Projects – Mining Environment
Sustainable Mine Development | Global Mining & Metallurgy

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