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Personalization Demands
Contact Sobek for personalization demands relative to Geotec. The development and the fees are discussed between the client and Sobek.

  • Producing style files
  • Inputing mass data
  • Producing graphics and reports
  • Digitalizing maps
  • Converting data between different software
  • Modifying databases for Oracle or SQL Server

  • Technical Assistance
    Sobek also offers the following technical assistance. This work is done at an hourly rate of $100, including the transportation. Transportation and lodging expenses are the client's responsibility. A detailed contractual mandate is created and implemented accordingly.

  • On site technical assistance (installation, computer equipment, networks, databases, etc.)
  • Acquisition or correction of geotechnical data
  • Development of a new specialized module
  • Customized development of style files, data entry forms, Access queries, Excel files, etc.

  • Sobek Technologies
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