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Pro is used to display profile views along axes. These profile views show the borings projected on a given axis with their geotechnical properties, as well as the stratigraphic profiles with their respective seismic velocities. Pro is also used to display a plan view corresponding to the location plan of the borings and axes.
Main features
  • Representation of geotechnical properties of borings
  • Presentation on A2, A1, A0 or Model (greater than A0) format
  • Production of profiles in DXF format with each boring in a block and grouping of all blocks
  • Display of a location plan
  • Specific symbols per type of borings and axes
  • Display of axis points and axis line projection

  • Projection of borings
  • Integration of azimuth and dip in the calculation of boring projections
  • Possibility of displaying borings at equidistance
  • Choice of property columns to display in the profiles
  • Support of axes with radius of curvature
  • Display of offset to the axis
  • Selection of borings to project according to distance to axis

  • Seismic lines
  • Profile display with material color
  • Display of seismic velocities at geophone positions
  • Profiles calculated from DTM or GRD data terrain models
  • Calculation of intersection points of seismic lines

  • Support
  • Brochure
  • Documentation
  • Style files
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