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Log is used for the production of graphic boring reports, for boreholes, test pits, trenches, piezocone, etc. It allows the representation of geotechnical properties as a function of depth.

Main features
  • Customization of the first page of the report for general information and legends
  • Customization of the columns (dimensions, horizontal scale, display attributes)
  • Automatic modification of the depth per page for entire log
  • Vertical scale in meters and feet and elevation scale
  • Display of any property with depth
  • Customized data display (text, histogram, polyline, point, ...)
  • Automatic symbols for each material and proportion of the stratigraphy
  • Custom description of end of boring conditions

  • Environment
  • Description of piezometer installation
  • Calculation of piezometric levels
  • Display of olfactory and visual observations
  • Calculation of contamination criteria based on measured concentrations
  • Display of photos of trenches and borings

  • Rock mechanics
  • Display of 3D, optical and acoustic images obtained from geocamera
  • Display of rock joints with markers oriented according to alpha and beta or dip and direction
  • Illustration of rock quality parameters
  • Calculation of Barton Q-value and of RMR
  • Display of logs starting at rock surface depth

  • Piezocones
  • Import of text files for input data
  • Calculation of several parameters based on the DEPTH, QT (or QC), FS and U2
  • Interpretation of the SBT based on 6 methods
  • Correlation of CPTU test results with boring properties
  • Display of several CPTU tests in the same log
  • Display of results from several CPTU tests with different attributes
  • Production of CSV reports with calculation results

  • Support
  • Brochure
  • Documentation
  • Start guide
  • Style files
  • Price list

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