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Lab is used for the calculation and display of laboratory test results. It allows users to process grain size analyses, compaction tests, consolidation tests and Atterberg limits.

Grain size analyses
  • Addition of envelope curves
  • Calculation of statistics for a series of curves
  • Calculation of percentages passing sieve diameters
  • Calculation of effective diameters, fineness module, Cu and Cc
  • Calculation of USCS classification and soil description
  • Calculation of material proportions
  • Addition of percentages of cobbles and blocks
  • Correction after cutting at a specified diameter
  • Combination of grain size curves

  • Proctor compaction tests
  • Calculation of optimum water content and maximum dry density
  • Up to three saturation curves
  • Specific gravity modifiable

  • Oedometer consolidation tests
  • Display of Casagrande construction
  • Calculation of Pc, Pc min, Pc max, Cc and Ccr

  • Atterberg limits
  • Calculation of plasticity index and liquidity index
  • Calculation of USCS classification

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  • Brochure
  • Documentation
  • Style files
  • Price list

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