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Geotec is a software specialized for the exploration, design and construction phases of a project.
Geotec consists of six graphic modules (Dam, Lab, Log, Pro, Site and Time), a database management module (DBM) and includes a geotechnical database (on Access, Oracle, SQL Server or SQLite).

  • Log - Production of boring logs
  • Lab - Calculation and display of laboratory test results
  • Pro - Display of soil properties projected on a profile view
  • Site - Interactive treatment of site related information
  • Dam - Design of earth and rockfill retaining structures
  • Time - Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring
  • DBM - Global operations of database management

  • Entry forms - Entry, validation and deletion of geotechnical data
  • SM2 library - Site mapping and modeling
  • X3D library - Production and customization of graphic outputs via style files

  • Major advantages
  • Data insertion into a centralized database with normalized structure
  • Simple data sharing between collaborators
  • Validation of data and of relationships between records
  • Customizable graphic outputs
  • Instant refreshing of graphic output after data modifications
  • Quick search of information in the database
  • Bilingual software (English and French)


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