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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing, USB and network licences

Yes. The modules can be used in English and in French. The data dictionary can also be in English or French. The style files remain compatible no matter the database language.
Simply contact us. If you use a USB key, we will send you an executable file that will encrypt the key to allow the use of the new module. If you use a licence file, we will send you a new file as replacement.
Yes. With the purchase of a USB or network licence of Geotec, you have one year of free support and maintenance. After, the contract must be purchased annually to have access to the new versions and to the technical support. The current version will remain functional.
This contract allows the client to call us for any question regarding the use of Geotec and to have access to all the updates released regularly, sent to the clients and available on the Downloads page of our website.
The cost will be the least between a new purchase of Geotec and the cost of the technical support paid retroactively for the number of years not paid.
You can pay by check, or via our Paypal site.
With a USB licence, you can use the modules on any station but a USB protection key must be connected. With a network licence, a protection file (or a USB protection key) is installed on the server, and any user connected to the server can use the modules, up to the number of licences purchased per module.
Even though this does not happen often, if the key is defective or broken, we will ask you to send it back to our office and we will send you a new USB key. In the case of a lost key, we will send a new key as the customer's expense (100$) with a new product number. The code of the old key will be inoperative.

Databases, entry forms, style files

No. All your projects can be (and we strongly suggest it) saved in the same database. The SITE number being unique and required, all the data can be saved in the same database, even for different clients.
The data are saved in an Access type file (.mdb). For the very large databases, they can be on SQL Server or on Oracle.
The data entry forms are integrated in the Geotec modules (Dam, Lab, Log, Pro and Site). They are used to insert, modify and delete data in all the tables of the database. The data entered from one module can therefore be accessible in another module.
The DBM module (Database Manager) is used to perform several operations on the databases. It allows to create empty databases, to update the databases to the most recent version when fields and/or tables are added, to export data into another database, to delete data by site, boring or sample, to convert the units, etc.
A style file is a data presentation model. If it possible to display all desired information from any Geotec table.
Yes. In the installation, style files are installed in the Geotec80\Style directory, each file starting with the name of the module for which it was created. Other examples of style files are regularly added to the Downloads page of our website.

Log module

1 - Retrieved your data again. If the table where the data are entered has never been read, it must be put in memory. 2 - Verify that a column is linked to the table in which you have entered data.
1 - In the graph editing, in the row corresponding to the column of the log, select the table in which the data to be displayed are entered. 2 - In the legend and curves editing, for the desired column, insert or modify the row by selecting the name of the field whose values are to be displayed. 3 - Select the type of data display (Text, Point, Polyline, etc.). 4 - Modify the drawing attributes for the data, if desired.
Yes. You can decide on the layout of the graphs in page 1 and in pages 2 to n. You can therefore display a legend and/or a footer only in the first page of the report.
Yes. You can indicate a depth per page or the scale directly. You can keep a constant scale for all the pages, or indicate a different scale for pages 2 to n.
>Yes. By displaying the field TOP_DEPTH of the STRATIGRAPHY table, you can also display the elevation of the strata, which is calculated by the software and which takes into account the dip of the boring.

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