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Dam is used for the design and optimisation of earth and rockfill retaining structures. It allows the calculation of fill and excavation volumes of a dam as well as foundation treatment surfaces. Dam uses the design criteria that are common practice in civil engineering in the definition of the excavation and fill components of a dam.
Main features
  • Separation of input data (reservoir, foundation, axis, geometry, ...)
  • Customization of unit costs for the cut and fill materials
  • Editing of normalized typical sections applicable to multiple projects
  • Design criteria to define the components
  • Display of two cross sections at selected chainages
  • Display of a plan view from .dxf, .sit or .ctr files
  • Display of a longitudinal section

  • Dam outputs
  • Calculation of cut and fill volumes per material
  • Calculation of foundation treatment surfaces
  • Calculation of costs per material
  • Production of detailed reports of quantities and costs based on chainage or elevation
  • Production of dam embankment as well as filled and excavated terrain models

  • Support
  • Brochure
  • Documentation
  • Style files
  • Price list

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